Aluminium Window Frames In Modern Architecture

aluminium windowsThe use of aluminium window frames in contemporary architecture makes a building energy efficient and cost effective. Aluminium is the most abundant metal found on Earth. The low density of the metal along with its excellent resistance to corrosion, make it a top choice for the transportation, particularly airline, industry. It is also the top choice of builders and engineers across the globe.


As aluminium does not corrode or warp, and it is not susceptible to termite and vermin, it is a durable material for architects and builders to work with. Experts say that it is more than three times stronger than PVC, and over 40 times stronger than wood. It is light weight, thermally stable and 100% recyclable.
One can choose from a range of window frames that are suitable for a building, and so it is perfect for all kinds of projects. These include windows that may be side or top hung, or may slide horizontally. The frames can also be customised to the specifications of the project at hand.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminium frames are less expensive than other framing options, and offer numerous benefits too. With proper insulation, aluminium  window frames can make a building more energy efficient than wooden or PVC installation. This will help reduce the energy bills drastically, and in turn is environment friendly. Furthermore, aluminium has one of the highest rates of recycling and is an environmentally sustainable material.

The frames can be powder coated and are available in numerous colours and finishes. This makes them perfect for all styles of architecture. In case one wants a wooden finish or look, this can also be achieved. The window frames will not require repainting or coating. An anodising treatment makes them resistant to corrosion and will protect the frame for years to come. This makes such framing a high quality and low maintenance option.

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